Pelham Associates

Harnessing the power of academic research to help ground decisions in objective evidence and rigorous analysis.

We are a management consulting and legal support firm located in Melbourne.

Drawing on our diverse set of associates, we craft custom lineups of practising academics to solve complex problems in the areas of management, litigation, regulation, and social research.

Our associates have carried out over 270 management consulting engagements, given live expert testimony in over 60 cases, and submitted over 70 expert reports for legal proceedings.

Some recent clients include Soul Legal, Illuvium Labs, the Business Council of Australia, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Turner Freeman Lawyers, OMB Solicitors, and MMH Lawyers.

Our Purpose

Pelham Associates was created out of a desire to raise engagement between Melbourne academics, lawyers, and managers.

Our cutting-edge, impartial academic research can help ground your decisions in objective evidence and rigorous analysis.

In helping you, we also learn about real-world problems. This lets us design more effective and relevant classes and research projects.

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Our Purpose

Our Advantages

We provide a number of unique advantages to our clients.
Evidence-Based Advice and Testimony
Evidence-Based Advice and Testimony

As practising academics, we provide evidence to back up our conclusions. This gives you added assurance that our results are well-founded and not based on guesses or selective experiences.

The Latest Research
The Latest Research

We base our conclusions on the latest academic research in our fields. Thus, our conclusions are based not only on our own evidence but also on the large body of evidence produced by practising academics around the globe.

Breadth of Expertise
Breadth of Expertise

Via our diverse network of experienced associates, we provide a wide variety of management and forensic consulting services. This saves you the cost of initiating and maintaining relationships with multiple consulting firms.

Our Services

Pelham Associates provides a comprehensive suite of services in the areas of management consulting, expert testimony, and social research.
Our Teams

Our Teams

Each of our associates belongs to one or more academic teams in the areas of accounting, data analytics, economics, ethics, finance, law, leadership, marketing, operations, organisational behaviour, and strategy.

Drawing on these teams, together with detailed knowledge of each associate’s expertise, we craft a custom lineup for each case.

Foreign Country Expertise

In addition to their academic skills, many of our associates have lived, taught, and consulted in foreign countries. This gives them knowledge of foreign cultures, laws, practices, and languages which may be helpful in your case.

Our areas of foreign country expertise include Canada, China, France, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UK, US, and Vietnam.

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