Our associates have submitted over 70 expert reports and given live testimony in over 60 cases. Their work in this sphere helps our clients obtain fairer outcomes and influence policy debates.

Our legal support services fall into three categories: liability and damages, investigations, and regulation.

Liability and Damages

  • Business Interruption Losses

    Has your business been interrupted by the negligent acts of another, costing you profits? Or must you defend against such a claim? Evaluating such damages can rely on several fields, including economics, finance, and accounting. The world-class expertise and trial experience of Pelham Associates in these fields lets us craft reports and give testimony with unparalleled credibility, thus amplifying your voice and raising your chance of obtaining a just outcome.

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  • Contract Disputes

    Accusing a counterparty of breach of contract? Or have you been accused of such a breach? Such claims may involve expertise from a variety of disciplines, including accounting, data analytics, economics, finance, and law. Pelham Associates will craft a custom team of one or more experts to give your side the credibility it needs to receive due weight in such proceedings.

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  • Personal Damages

    Cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, and employment discrimination can have huge impacts on the lives of both plaintiffs and defendants. Critical issues include the lump sum award needed to make up for lost income and support, or to fund a life care plan. The economics and finance teams at Pelham Associates have extensive experience in such matters, letting us craft reports and testimony that will give your client the best chance of a fair and just outcome.

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  • Post-Merger Disputes

    Having acquired a firm, do you now suspect that the seller may have committed errors or omissions in its financial statements? Or are you a seller who must defend against such a claim? The accounting, finance, and economics teams at Pelham Associates can help. We provide expert, evidence-based analyses of a variety of post-merger conflicts, including indemnity or fraud claims, earn-out disputes, adjustments of working capital, and material adverse change claims.

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  • Shareholder Lawsuits

    Class action shareholder lawsuits are increasingly common in Australia. They may involve such diverse allegations as merger mispricing, a data breach, failure to disclose, misleading statements, cheating consumers, or ignoring climate change. The accounting, finance, and economics teams at Pelham Associates have the expertise to assess responsibility and estimate damages in such cases. Our credible, evidence-based reports and testimony can strengthen your case and thus raise your chance of obtaining a fair and just outcome.

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  • Other Services

    Our associates have also provided testimony on trade mark infringement and passing off, trade practices, the use of statistics to infer harm in product liability cases, foreign investment and exchange controls, cross-border licensing agreements, and the application of foreign law in Australia.

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  • Fraud Investigations and Defense

    Are you the subject of a fraud investigation? Do you suspect fraud within your organisation or industry, or have doubts about the financial statements of a potential business partner? The accounting team at Pelham Associates can assist by conducting independent investigations of suspected fraud, bribery, manipulation of financial statements, and embezzlement. Harnessing our trial experience and knowledge, we can help the law courts identify the critical issues in such cases and thus arrive at a more just outcome.

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  • Insider Trading and Market Manipulation

    Accused of trading on inside information or spreading disinformation to influence a market price? When accused of such practices, having experienced academic experts by your side can make a big difference. The seasoned accounting and finance teams at Pelham Associates can shed objective light on your case and thus help you obtain fair treatment from regulators and law courts.

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  • Anticompetitive Conduct and Agreements

    Are you concerned about anticompetitive conduct or agreements in your industry? Or are you being accused of such conduct? The economics team at Pelham Associates has extensive academic and governmental expertise in determining whether anticompetitive conduct exists and quantifying its impact on competition, innovation, investment, and social welfare. Our experience and credibility will help regulators and courts decide your case based on the best evidence and arguments.

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  • Financial Restatements

    Does your organisation need to correct errors or omissions in past financial reports? The experienced accounting team at Pelham Associates can help. We will formulate and explain amendments to your organisation’s financial accounts so as to minimise adverse consequences with shareholders, stakeholders, and regulators.

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  • Market Design

    Are you charged with distributing scarce resources such as power generation licenses, mining rights, gaming licenses, spectrum licenses, professional internships, medical supplies and equipment, or organ transplants? Do you seek a transparent procedure that allocates these rights in the best possible way? The economics team at Pelham Associates has the theoretical expertise to help, as well as real-world experience in the design of markets for music downloads, energy, mining rights, toll roads, spectrum, and gaming.

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  • Mergers and Market Definition

    Do you need regulator approval to merge with another firm? Or do you worry that a merger in your industry would harm consumers or put you at an unfair disadvantage? Let our economics team bring their academic and government experience to bear in your case. Their credible, evidence-based arguments will amplify your voice and make it more likely that your concerns will receive due weight from policymakers and law courts.

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  • Public Utilities

    Affected by the choices of a public utility or other regulated firm? Would you like your perspective to receive proper consideration in the firm’s choice of rates or other policies? The economics, finance, and law teams at Pelham Associates can help you craft solid, credible arguments for how to improve the prices and policies of such firms.

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  • Royalties

    Do you pay or receive royalties that are set by regulators? The economics and finance teams at Pelham Associates have practical experience in royalty hearings as well as the knowledge and credibility needed to craft sound, persuasive arguments. We will leverage this skill set to help ensure that royalties are set fairly in your case.

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  • Taxes and Subsidies

    Would you like to contribute in a credible way to a debate over a new tax or subsidy that might affect you or your client? The economics, finance, and law teams at Pelham Associates can craft rigorous, evidence-based arguments over such policies, which can raise the chance that your perspective will receive due consideration from policymakers or regulators.

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