Our experts have completed over 270 management consulting engagements. Their advice helps inform our clients’ decisions and, by building a foundation of due diligence, lends support to these choices afterwards.

Our areas of expertise fall into five categories: data analytics, finance, operations, organisational behaviour, and strategy.

Data Analytics

  • Causal Analysis

    Would you like to identify your most promising customers, or anticipate which clients you are most likely to lose? Traditional statistical techniques have their place. But with very large and complex data sets, modern machine learning can deliver tangible benefits to your business. In consultation with our marketing team, the data analytics team at Pelham Associates can apply these cutting-edge techniques to help you identify which customers are most worthy of your attention. In this way, we can help you maximize the return on your costly investments in marketing and customer service.

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  • Machine Learning

    Pay-per-click marketing is wasteful if it targets customers who would buy from you anyway. To avoid this pitfall, one must identify the causal effect of a marketing campaign on sales outcomes. Modern analytics methods have the power to distinguish actionable causal relationships from spurious correlation. The data analytics team at Pelham Associates has the theoretical expertise and practical experience to apply these techniques to your marketing data, in order to help you limit your marketing spending to targeted campaigns that attract profitable customers.

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  • Asset Allocation

    Do you need to re-evaluate your portfolio allocation? Would you like to allocate your funds among general asset classes so as to obtain an optimal risk-reward tradeoff while hedging specific risks? With decades of practical and research experience, the finance team at Pelham Associates has the expertise to help you select an appropriate asset allocation and risk-modelling strategy.

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  • Asset Valuation

    Selling or buying an asset of uncertain value? Looking to value collateral in a loan application or bond issuance? Need to meet tax obligations or reporting requirements? The finance team at Pelham Associates has the empirical, theoretical, and practical expertise to estimate asset values fairly and with a minimum of error. Our unbiased valuations may help you obtain better outcomes in your disputes, financial reporting, credit transactions, and asset purchases and sales.

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  • Financial Technology (FinTech)

    Technological innovations such as blockchain, textual analysis, and machine learning pose both challenges and opportunities for trading and financial services firms. The finance team at Pelham Associates is advancing the frontier of research on these new technologies and their market impacts. We also have practical experience in real-world start-ups that use these innovations. We can help you devise successful, evidence-based strategies to adapt to and thrive in this new competitive landscape.

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  • Assortment and Inventory Optimization

    Are you losing customers because you run out of certain items or don’t stock them at all? The operations and data analytics teams at Pelham Associates are at the cutting edge of quantitative techniques that will help you solve this complex problem. Let us build a system for you that combines market data at the store and attribute level to generate a dynamically updated list of the best items to stock and the optimal inventories of each.

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  • Demand Forecasting

    Does your firm need need significant lead time to expand output – e.g. because of long supply chains or the need to build new facilities or hire specialised workers? In this case, good decisions rely on accurate forecasts. The operations and data analytics teams at Pelham Associates can help you craft sophisticated evidence-based forecasts of future demand, so that you can plan better for the future.

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  • Revenue Management and Markdown Pricing

    Troubled by idle rental vehicles or empty seats at flights and events? Often stuck with unsold goods that are spoiled, obsolete, or out of fashion? Relying on the latest research, the operations and data analytics teams at Pelham Associates can help you devise a robust system to adjust prices over time so as to minimise problems of idle capacity and unsalable inventories.

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  • Transportation Optimization

    Does your business involve deliveries or passenger transport? Worried about wasting money on inefficient routes, traffic congestion, half-empty vehicles, or unsold seats? Let the operations and data analytics teams at Pelham Associates tap their extensive transportation expertise to design a customised dynamic algorithm aimed to help raise your profits and shrink waste.

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Organisational Behavior

  • Business Ethics

    Unethical behavior in your organisation creates risks such as reputational damage, high turnover, low morale, loss of negotiating partners, and civil and even criminal proceedings. The ethics specialists at Pelham Associates will help you investigate breaches of laws, regulations, and codes of behavior within your firm. We can also conduct audits to help you identify ethics issues before they lead to harm, and draft codes of conduct and procedures for monitoring and reporting that make such problems less likely.

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  • Employee Motivation and Performance Management

    Would you like to help your employees achieve more for your firm? The organisational behaviour and data analytics teams at Pelham Associates have the experience and know-how to measure and improve employee performance. Using empirically validated methods, we will help you devise new reward systems and metrics to better motivate your employees and measure their output, thus leading to greater effort, care, and accomplishments on the job.

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  • Improving Culture

    Firms with better culture tend to have higher profits and lower turnover. They adapt more nimbly to changes in the marketplace. They provide meaning and purpose to those who work there. Even the best-run firms can benefit from regular cultural “check ups” to ensure that they remain so. The experienced organisational behaviour team at Pelham Associates has the expertise, understanding, and compassion needed to help improve the culture and work environment of your firm.

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  • Leadership Consulting

    There are plenty of leadership consulting firms out there. But how many of them know what really works based on the latest academic research? As practising academics, the leadership experts at Pelham Associates have the experience and know-how needed to identify and mitigate leadership problems, which can help you succeed in the marketplace and attract and retain key talent.

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  • Navigating Transitions

    Is your firm going public, merging, or undergoing a retrenchment? Often at such a time too little attention is paid to their effects on a firm’s culture, leading to low morale and the loss of valuable team members. The organisational behaviour specialists at Pelham Associates can help you and your employees adapt to these changes so as to emerge with a strong and healthy new culture.

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  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    Does your organisation face an intractable conflict or difficult negotiation? The organisational behavior team at Pelham Associates are experts in negotiation, mediation, and peacebuilding methods. Relying on our experience, empathy, and objectivity, we will work with you and your counterparties to find a creative, win-win solution that all parties can accept.

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  • Executive Compensation

    Good and well-motivated leaders have a decisive effect on the success of their organisations. The finance and strategy teams at Pelham Associates have the expertise to help you attract, retain, and motivate critical executive talent. Our evidence-based compensation packages and advice can help you improve performance, efficiency, and risk management, thus serving the interests of executives, shareholders, and key stakeholder groups.

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  • Foreign Ventures

    Is your firm ready to expand into an overseas market? Such ventures can be rewarding but also carry economic and cultural risks. The expertise of Pelham Associates in economics, finance, strategy, and law can help you understand how these risks vary across countries, and thus plan your expansion more wisely. Our credible expert reports will also help you explain your choices to shareholders and stakeholders should the need arise.

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  • Marketing Strategy

    Not sure how best to market your products or services to consumers and potential clients? Thinking of using social media or other forms of digital marketing, but not certain which would most suit your case? The world-reknown marketing team at Pelham Associates are experts in consumer behavior and psychology, and in what makes a successful marketing campaign. Tapping the expertise of our data analytics team as needed, they will help you devise a cost-effective, targeted marketing strategy that is designed to attract the right consumers and clients to your products at the lowest cost.

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  • New Strategic Plans

    Has your firm hit a plateau? Are you losing market share to disruptive new technologies or business models? The strategy and marketing teams at Pelham Associates have the expertise and creativity to help you survive these challenges while reoptimising your strategy in a manner that suits your firm’s unique talents and capabilities. We will help you formulate this roadmap and work with you to carry it out successfully. At the same time, we can help you devise a new brand and marketing strategy.

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  • Surviving a Downturn

    Faced with declining demand because of a recession? Forced to curtail operations due to a national disaster or public health crisis? The economics, finance, and strategy teams at Pelham Associates can help you find creative and workable solutions in such adverse circumstances. We can advise you how to cut costs, tap new markets and revenue streams, and find funding for your operations. We can also support you as you take painful but necessary steps to help your company survive.

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