Dr. Brent Coker

    Advanced Marketing Strategy

    Consumer Psychology

    Digital Marketing/Social Media

    Content/Influencer Marketing

    Brand Management

    Brand Crisis Management and Damage Mitigation

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    New Zealand
Dr. Brent Coker
Dr. Brent Coker

Professional Information

An expert in consumer psychology and online consumer behaviour, Brent is a Researcher and Lecturer of Marketing in the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Melbourne where he teaches Digital Marketing to postgraduates, undergraduates, and executives. Brent was awarded “best entrepreneurial educator of the year” by the Business and Higher Education Round Table (2012).

Both a management and forensic consultant, Brent has helped Qantas and IBM with their branding and digital marketing and testified in the federal courts on the topics of digital marketing, internet business models, and brands.

A popular author, inventor, and enterpreneur, Brent wrote the bestselling book Going Viral: the 9 Secrets of Irresistable Marketing. He founded a dot-com in the late 1990’s and developed the first algorithm to explain and predict viral content in 2011. He also invented the world’s first web app to detect website dissatisfaction in 2012.

Brent’s current research has been published in top marketing journals such as the Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyJournal of RetailingJournal of Economic Psychology, and the European Journal of Marketing.

Brent is a charter member of Pelham Associates.

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