Prof. Nadia Massoud

    Corporate Litigation and Shareholder Suits

    Financial Regulation

    Financial Technology

  • Country Expertise

    Middle East (esp. Jordan and Palestinian Territories)

Prof. Nadia Massoud
Prof. Nadia Massoud

Professional Information

Nadia Massoud is Professor of Finance at Melbourne Business School Limited at The University of Melbourne where she teaches Financial Technology (FinTech), Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, and Financial Management.

An expert on on business applications for distributed ledger systems, Nadia is cofounder of the start-up Carta, which uses blockchain technology to enhance transparency and asset returns in security deposits.

Nadia’s recent research topics have included cryptocurrencies, textual analysis, financial fraud and market manipulation, mergers and acquisitions, credit rating agencies, hedge funds, securitisation, and consumer finance. Her work has been published in top finance journals, including the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Financial Economics.

Nadia is a charter member of Pelham Associates.