data analytics, operations
Prof. Yalçın Akçay

    Data-Driven Retail Operations

    Assortment and Inventory Optimization

    Dynamic and Markdown Pricing

    Demand Forecasting

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    United States

data analytics, operations
Prof. Yalçın Akçay
Prof. Yalçın Akçay

Professional Information

An expert in data analytics and operations, Yalçın Akçay is Professor at Melbourne Business School Limited (MBS) at The University of Melbourne.

In his Operations Management course at MBS, Yalçın teaches how to design and manage operational processes so as to support a firm’s value proposition and how to seamlessly match demand with supply. He has also taught courses in Management Science, Quantitative Methods in Business, Managerial Statistics, and Business Forecasting.

An experienced consultant, Yalçın has helped retailers with data-driven pricing and inventory planning. He has also helped international companies forecast demand and estimate residual value.

Yalçın’s research has appeared in leading business journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, and Production and Operations Management. He is also Associate Editor of the International Journal of Management Science (OMEGA).

Before joining MBS, Yalçın was Associate Professor at Koç University in Istanbul. He received his PhD in the dual fields of Business Administration and Operations Research from Pennsylvania State University.

Yalçın is a charter member of Pelham Associates.